COVID-19 Resources

Resources created by Autistic Professionals, as well as Allies.

We understand that COVID-19 is an ongoing concern around the world. Here is a page of resources for the autistic community to read about COVID-19 and take the necessary steps to take care of yourself to prevent the virus from spreading even further. Fierce Autistics and Allies regularly follows the news, as well as important contributors to the vaccine, as well as public health concerns. Autistics are typically not so informed always on Public Health Information, and this site helps to change that.


Resouces by Autistic Professionals


COVID 19 Resources from The Thinking Person's Guide To Autism


Links to COVID-19 Information by Allies: Doctors and Experts

Make Your Mark


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Peter Hotez, M.D., Ph.D.: COVID-19: transmissibility, vaccines, risk reduction, and treatment. Baylor University in Texas is currently developing the vaccine, and you can follow him on Twitter for more information.


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Link to the CDC's site about COVID-19. This site is providing the visual accommodations for anyone who needs to understand anything about COVID-19 as well.


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