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These are programs that FAA is currently offering. Depending on funding, they may not be available at the moment. Check with us please if you would like to know more or if you are unsure if the program is currently available. You may reach Cassandra Crosman at for more information.


Pandemic Vaccine Assistance Program

Announcing a brand new program from Fierce Autistics and Allies!

In the wake of this pandemic, a large number of Autistic people live in poverty without healthcare coverage. There will be many Autistic people who cannot afford the vaccine when it gets released.

We are pleased to announce The Pandemic Vaccine Assistance Program! In the wake of this and future pandemics, if you have no insurance coverage or copays over $20 USD, we will pay for your vaccine. Sorry if you have Medicaid you are not eligible. Medicaid will cover the vaccine for you when it is released. sorry United States residents only. We do not have universal healthcare. This is why this is needed!

Here is how to participate:
1. Fill out the google form, it serves as the application:…/1FAIpQLSdef3t2QoyrF33ff…/viewform…

2. With the form, have something from your insurance if you have one for vaccine copays.
3. We contact you if we have enough funding for you (we have some but plan to fundraise more for this)
4. You pick your provider. Must be a clinic or department of health and we pay them.

That's it! Everyone should have access to healthcare.

Image description:

Image 1: A graphic with a 1ml syringe drawing out a vaccine from a vial. Text reads Pandemic Vaccine Assitance Program. Bringing assistance to those in need.

Image 2: A bright blue panel wood background with a rainbow infinity in the upper left-hand corner. The text reads Steps to Partake in our New Program: FIll out the google form, put a provider, Fierce Autistics and Allies pay your provider.

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Soup Kitchen

Mentorship Program

We are in the works of creating a mentorship program. This program will allow individual mentoring for autistic adults. We are in the process of creating programs for those who are under the age of 18, but they are currently unavailable. We will announce when they are after the training for them is completed.


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