We believe that healthcare must be universal for the country. Society focuses a lot on centrism, which hinders the perceptions on colonization, privilege, hegemony, queer theory, identity, culture, race, disability, etc. Our vaccine assistance program is one way to assist the lower class into universal healthcare. Healthcare needs to support the lower class, not just the middle and upper class. Healthcare also must be affordable, accessible, and safe. It must not violate ethics, and must not dismiss an entire community for feedback into how they can be further helped. When folks are reaching out to politicians, requesting for bills to be passed, it is because disabled folks are combatting systemic oppression, and that needs to be heard. #ActuallyAutistic folks need better accessibility to diagnosis, and the diagnosis itself needs to stop portraying autism as a medical disease, because the CDC is correct; vaccines do not cause autism. Healthcare needs to also stop silencing autistic children's voices when they are being abused or harmed by their family. Many, but not all non-autistic parents are some of our largest oppressors thanks to Ole Ivar Lovaas, as well as professionals. Autism is not and never will be quantitative. Doctors, psychiatrists, etc. need to stop viewing autism as a brain injury. The Molecular biology field also needs to also stop pathologizing autism. Healthcare must be able to recognize neurodiversity and the neurodiversity paradigm into its practice. Healthcare workers are not the experts of autism if they are not autistic themselves, and internalized ableism must also be unlearned for those who are autistic in healthcare. Therapists and parents cannot speak for their clients, nor can anyone else. Autistics' lived experience matters.

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