Harmful Quack Treatments

As an organization, we do not support any harmful product, treatment, or cure that is perceived to fix or treat autism. Autism is not treatable, nor a disease. If someone is found to be using these products and cures on their children, we are obligated to report them to CPS. We do actively report these products to the United States Food and Drug Administration. Currently, MMS is banned in the US; however, other products are not banned, but are in the works of becoming banned specifically for autism: Chelation Treatments, GAPS, GcMAF, Malaria Medicine (should only be used to treat Malaria), Turpentine, Detoxifying Clay Baths, Essential Oils, Camel's Milk, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Electroconvulsive Shock Therapy, ECT, Enemas and bath soaks, Ozone Therapy (O3), and any other type of therapy or harmful product that claims that autism can be "healed" or "rid of" or "removed". *Note: we edit this list over time as we discover more and more what people use to try and get "rid" of autism. Autism is not curable. Autistics do not consent to the US trying to eradicate us. That is a form of Eugenics. The Nazis did the same thing to the Jews, as well as people of color and disabled people, as well as LGBTQ+ folks in the 1940s. Autism is a lifelong neurological disability. We've not consented to a cure and we're not diseased, brain-injured, or broken, nor burdens. Molecular biology needs to be listening to their primary sources, not shutting them out due to personal agendas and ableism directed at them.

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