Education is meant to be inclusive. Segregation and isolation, as well as restraint and seclusion are not ways in which educators should be approaching their work with the autistic child they are teaching. There are many barriers to education that involve lack of accessibility in regards to accommodations. Those barriers involve gate keeping, red tape, silencing, the need to control, etc. And we also understand that intelligence is an ableist concept. The IQ test is heavily flawed, and does not help anyone who is intellectually or learning disabled in society. Learning is to be continued throughout our human lifetimes, and yet the autistic brain relies on information-based socializing. Those who are intellectually disabled matter heavily just as much as autistics who are not. We want education to remove the word Special Needs, and change the system so that ABA and other harmful methods are not implemented into teaching. We also know that higher education is not friendly towards autistic culture, and some are changing this, but it is not enough. What does inclusion look like? Including non-speaking autistic folks into mainstream schools, as well as verbal children. Making public schools more accessible, as well as providing accessibility for those who are in college, and not just perceived standard accommodations. #InclusionMatters #MakeEducationAccessible Implementing Neurodiversity into college courses, as well as teaching for high school, middle school, and elementary school is necessary for understanding of the disability community as a whole. Allowing autistic educators to partake in the discussion in higher education is #inclusion. A disability coordinator who is disabled at a college campus who is receptive to feedback from student in relation to accessibility is inclusion. There are many situations where inclusion could take place.

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