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Many autistic folks are struggling to find jobs, and many are homeless in the United States. Not everyone is privileged with a safe home to live inside. It is important for autistic folks to be able to work, but not everyone can work full time, and some may not even be able to work part time. Many Millennials and Generation Zers are unable to afford apartment fees because of minimum wage, low income, or sub-minimum wage. Just like our views on education with regards that an autistic person does not have to go to college (and should not feel manipulated into doing so if their family is enforcing it), jobs are not and should not be required for those who truly cannot work part time. Many autistic folks are multiply disabled; therefore with ABA and job pushing, it is extremely harmful to those who cannot work. It is not up to the parents for their daughter, son, etc., to work when they are adults. Job coaches also are sometimes trained in ABA techniques, which does not help the autistic community. There is a lot of bias in the workplace about autism, as autism has attached stigma to it, and autistic people should not feel like they can't be open about their autism in the workplace or feeling ashamed for not feeling accepted. HR should not be denying jobs, but there are many loopholes and the system is not actively working to change this in the neurotypical world. Autistic folks should also not be paid less than the privileged person. Internships should and must be paid, and hiring should never deny anyone on the basis of disability, race, gender, sexuality, religion, etc.

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