Board of Directors


Aviva Seigler

Executive Director

Aviva Seigler is the executive director here at FAA. She is a writer, an activist, and an advocate. She is a middle eastern Jewish LGBTQ+ autistic person from South Florida, is married to a very supportive husband, and has six children. She has been fighting the CD protocol and other quack treatments since 2014. She is a veterinary technologist (LPN for pets). She has her associates and bachelors degree in Veterinary Technology from St. Petersburg College. She is very involved with scouting with her six children. Three of the children are autistic but all are Neurodivergent. Her hope is to bridge the gap between allies and autistics while fighting the pseudoscience that threatens all people, not just autistics. Her blog, Fierce Autie, is also where she does much of her advocacy work as well.

Tara Jean

Operations Manager

Tara Jean is an autistic advocate from Chicago, IL, who is also Operations on FAA's Board. She is in charge of HR, training, and hiring volunteers for FAA. She also helps with fundraising alongside our Treasurer and Executive Director. She advises our board on ways to improve FAA's mission and goals from a business approach. She values working to make sure everyone's needs are met, including accessibility needs. Tara has a degree in Business management from Northwestern Business College and studied Marketing at Roosevelt University. She is passionate about neurodiversity, accessibility, diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice.

Jennifer Davis

Legal Advisor

Jennifer is an autistic advocate from Fresno, CA. She is also Legal on our Board. She is a law student studying at San Joaquin College of Law, and got a degree in physical anthropology at California State University, Fresno. Jennifer will be taking her bar exam next year in 2021. She handles Legal advice, as well as support for the organization. She advises the organization on different legal social issues, and how to better improve equity for the autistic community. She also works with our Policy Analyst on policy work. Jennifer is passionate about social justice, neurodiversity,  intersectionality, equity, accessibility, and inclusion.

Nick Seigler

Policy Analyst

My name is Nick Seigler. I am the VP for the FAA Board and the Policy Analyst. I help to support and view policies within the organization. I hold both an AAS and a BAS in both Criminal Justice and Public Health and Safety Administration. Additionally, I have been privileged to attend and pass training and certification as a law enforcement officer, and an instructor for both CPR First Aid and Security. These days I help to bring a positive, and supportive message to those around the community in our everyday activities and interactions with one another.

Lindsay Mohler

Director of Education and Professional Development, Graphic Designer

Lindsay is a multiply disabled autistic and LGBTQ+ writer, activist, and advocate (as well as musician and actor). She also is the Board Secretary, and is Buddhist. She has a theatre degree from Randolph College, is certified in mentoring, and has been a member of The Autistic Cooperative since 2018. She started advocating in the community in 2014. Her role here is on writing, training, education, data collection, advocacy, and leadership. She also advocates to professionals (and educators alongside Cassandra Crosman). She is currently contributing to a continuing music therapy education course for music therapists on Neurodiversity. She is the co-creator of FAA's online conference, co-creator of FAA's Mentorship program, and is the creator of FAA's site (and maintains it). She is passionate about social justice, intersectionality, Neurodiversity, accessibility, inclusion, equity, and diversity.

Cassandra Crosman

Programs Director

Cassandra Crosman is our Programs Director and Board Chair. She is an activist, an advocate, a writer, and is from Dayton, Oregon. She is autistic and has a bachelor’s degree in Humanities. She is now a graduate student at Western Oregon University studying inclusive education to teach and learn from other neurodivergent and disabled people. She is also the founder of the online blog and facebook page, “In the Loop About Neurodiversity,” which seeks to educate others on issues that concern the autistic community and other neurodivergent people. Cassandra is passionate about autistic rights and culture and encourages other autistic people to embrace their own Neurodiversity. She values social justice, intersectionality, equity, neurodiversity, accessibility, inclusion, and diversity.

Jamie Diamond

Public Relations and Financial Director

Jamie is our Public Relations and Financial Director, as well as treasurer. She handles reaching out to companies and officials for the org on disability policies, bills being passed, etc. for autistic people. She also has worked at banks and has experience in financial services. Jamie has a degree in adolescent education from Adelphi University. Jamie is a member of the LGBTQ+ community. She calls and emails politicians and others regarding advocacy to support autistic people and fight against ABA and bleachers. She values Neurodiversity and is a self-diagnosed autistic. Jamie also has experience in writing. She values neurodiversity, intersectionality, social justice, accessibility, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Melanie Keiling

Social & Print Media Director

Melanie is from South Bend, Indiana, and got her degree at Indiana University South Bend. She handles all of our social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube. She also uses and has experience in programs such as photoshop, Canva, Krita, and more. She helps us with communication through social media with our Director of Community Engagement, graphic design with the Director of Education, and assists our Director of Education through the website. Melanie is an autistic mother of autistic children. She runs the blog Autistic Grandma, campaigns for autistic human rights, and works with the autistic community directly to provide emotional support for individual self healing, self care, and personal development. She's assisting our Programs Director and Director of Education in the Mentorship Program! Her goal is to create a stronger community by providing a platform for change in the way autism is viewed by the world, and to help gather autistics together to support one another. She values social justice, intersectionality, equity, neurodiversity, accessibility, inclusion, and diversity.

Ira Eidle 

Director of Community Engagement

Ira is an Autistic person from Decatur, Georgia. He is a Theatre and Performance Studies major at Kennesaw State University in his senior year. Ira also is Community Engagement on FAA's Board. Ira reaches out to parents and autistics, as well as allistics in his job role through engagement. Ira has recently started an organization on his college campus named Neurodivergent Advocates of Kennesaw (NAK) and is a board member of Autistic Self-Advocacy Atlanta (ASAA). Ira participated in the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network's Autism Campus Inclusion program in summer of 2020. Some of Ira's work can be found at He values social justice, intersectionality, equity, neurodiversity, accessibility, inclusion, and diversity.

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