Our Journey

FAA started with the desire to help the autistic community (especially autistic children) combat harmful pseudoscientific cures that do not actually help autistic people. These harmful "cures" consist of MMS, Chelation, GcMAF, GAPS, and many other harmful products, "treatments", and "therapies" that further seek to eradicate the autistic community. Those who do this harm are involved in the anti-vaxxer population. Anti-vaxxers regularly are attempting to inform Americans on pseudo-scientific claims that autism is "curable". Many groups of people over periods of time have not listened to the autistic voices (who are the only ones in the autistic community; non-autistic people are not the experts of autistic people, and non-autistic people are not autistic; therefore, they are not part of the community directly and are allies instead). Currently, through non-medical surveys (taken through different organizations), we do not want mainstream scientists to pursue a cure for autism. We'd rather exist than be cured. 92 percent of us do not want to be cured. That non-medical survey was taken by this organization and future non-medical surveys will be taken. Education involves embracing the autistic identity; however, people are biased because of stigma. Research has involved implicit biases for years on ends, not including autistic voices in the process. We seek to combat ableism through education and advocacy, as well as activism towards parents/families, professionals, educators, and the public. Autistics are the experts of ourselves. Non-autistic people are not experts of autism simply because they do not have the lived experiences. 

Our Mission Statement can be found under the about section above. We hold values in the mission to continue to eradicate any misinformation about autism. We seek to eradicate any forms of classism, ableism, racism, queerphobia, antisemitism, islamophobia, sexism, and any other forms of oppression towards minority groups that are marginalized.


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