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FAA's Mission Statement 

The mission at Fierce Autistics and Allies is to have equal rights for autistics everywhere. Our goals are to combat vaccine misinformation, report any cases of harmful autism “cures” and educate families, teachers, and professionals on autism and neurodiversity. We strive for equal access to accommodations, services for autistic people, support groups, articles that provide information to the public, protests that are non-violent and peaceful for rights’ demonstration, bills and petitions to help the autistic community, and more.

Autistic people are facing many intersectional challenges at this time in history, and we want to combat any systemic oppression that may present itself in a time of need. The time to make change is at a dire need in the United States, and we are against any bleach cures or other pseudoscientific autism “cures” (including MMS, Chelation, GAPs, etc.).

We do not believe that vaccines cause autism, as there is plenty of scientific evidence that autism is not caused by vaccines and this is a fact.

We do not support or condone the use of ABA therapy to autistic people, seeing as though studies have shown that ABA causes PTSD. The autistic community is largely against ABA and non-medical surveys are taken yearly.

We oppose programs and services that segregate disabled people from non-disabled people. Disabled people need to be seen, integrated and involved in society, not institutionalized and separated from non-disabled and neurotypical people.

We oppose the use of functioning labels to describe autistic people.

We are against seclusion, punishment, and restraint. Functioning labels stigmatize autistic people and pathologize autism.

We hold the view that autism is both a disability and a natural variation in the brain, as this is what the Neurodiversity movement stands for. Neurodiversity is needed for equity, and we value autistics’ rights to autonomy, decision-making and supports, as well as accommodations.

We hold the view that autism should not be cured because autism is not a disease, an illness, or an epidemic that needs to be “cured” or “treated.” The autistic voice is not heard enough in society, and we want this to change.


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